Environmentally Go Responsible Program

Is committed and promotes environmental protection in all direct operations; the main objective is to be environmentally responsible and customer oriented to minimize the impact in nature.

YouGoPanama acknowledges understands, supports and complies with all environmentally responsible policies that our partners and associates have instated in their facilities, including all environmental policies governing the Panamanian Territory.

YouGoPanama as a legally formed company complies with all prevailing laws of the Republic of Panama that pertain to our activity.

YouGoPanama focuses on customer service as its main driver; with must have ingredients incorporated for ethics, safety, security, quality, integrity, and responsibility with our environment.
YouGoPanama provides exclusive travel services in the attempt to accommodate our customer’s needs and expectations, which determines the quality of the services rendered by our personnel.

YouGoPanama is committed to comply with principles of ethics, integrity, respect, punctuality, safety, honesty, responsibility, social values, professionalism and courtesy. We share with our customers an open door policy for complaints, suggestions, and comments which are seen as an opportunity to grow and evolve as a company, always focused on process improvements to satisfy our customers needs and make your travel experience to Panama something you would like to share with friends and love ones.
In YouGoPanama we try to avoid any risk activity that may impact our environment during our tours. We guarantee the maximum safety of our customers in the visited areas, transportation or any other service provided. All of our vehicles transport a first aid kit and an AED Defibrillator in case needed, also personnel is trained on CPR if any emergency occurs. Our drivers are not allowed to answer cellphone calls while driving, as a basic work policy.
YouGoPanama provides transportation services considering energy efficiency, to avoid unnecessary consumption of gasoline, noise and environmental pollution.
YouGoPanama in order to minimize organic waste or recyclables in our tours and transportation services, we use whenever it is possible, products that are recycled, biodegradable, or returnable.
YouGoPAnama employees are aware of environmental themes and are committed to comply with environmental policies and actions.

We select our personnel to offer an unquestionable customer service, they are committed to help you discover and responsibly enjoy the country. Our personnel works with passion, they are respectful and friendly.

YouGoPanama trains its personnel on policies and customer service programs to guarantee our quality of service to all our customers.
We inform our partners to become a part of the environmental programs, by establishing their own practices and policies. We give priority to those suppliers who are committed to environmental practices and have concrete actions towards the protection of the environment.

We will also give priority to properties and suppliers who stand up for their employees’ social rights, and who have a long-term vision and honest, ethical and sustainable relationships with customers and travel agencies.
YouGoPanama encourages its customers to play an active role in the effort to safeguard the environment by having activities that lower the impact in the communities and regions we visit.
YouGoPanama pursues to minimize the impact in wildlife areas and other sites, respecting the fragility of those ecosystems. We will also respect the values, local cultures, and natural reserves, supporting conservation initiatives.

YouGoPanama will respect the privacy, beliefs and values of the communities we visit in order to avoid any major disturbance on their regular activities, and will inform and encourage our customers to do so.